Specifics of female hygiene

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Specifics of female hygiene

There are no minor details in the care of your health. Every girl does her best to take care of her body’s cleanness. Yet, do we always perform the most common everyday hygienic manipulations correctly? Let’s talk about it with an expert.

Why is the intimate hygiene so important?

Women should pay special attention to the care of their genital area, as an infringement of the hygienic rules can result in the health deterioration. The private organs are covered with delicate mucous membranes. We know how vulnerable these are, as even unsuitable soap can cause a major inflammation. This is why these organs need special gentle care. Read on about how to do it correctly.

Daily procedures

Specifics of female hygiene

Take a shower in the morning and in the evening

You should take a shower at least twice a day and more frequently during «these days». Make sure both the hand movements and the water flow are directed backwards so as not to bring any gut microflora onto the genitals.

2 Choose the intimate hygiene products carefully

Normal environment in the vagina has pH 3.3, i.e. it is acidic. This рН level is maintained by beneficial lactic bacteria that live there. If the acidic environment changes for an alkaline one, pathogenic microbes start propagating, causing an inflammation and other undesirable consequences. Therefore, you should always choose intimate hygiene products (such as soap, gel or mousse) whose labels specify a presence of lactic acid.

3 Always remove the moist from your genitals

Moist environment is a good place for the microbes to propagate. Leave them no chance and remove the moist. Remember that it’s better to pat the genitals carefully with a soft individual towel rather than rubbing them with a rough one.

4 Stay fresh the whole day

You will be aided by intimate cleansing tissues infused with antiseptics and deodorants. Always make sure they contain no alcohol, as only the alcohol-free ones are suitable. Tissues containing alcohol will dry your skin and can cause a chemical burn.

Care in the menses

As menses come, there arises a need for special pads or tampons. Their drop-shaped marking will tell you how hygroscopic they are (how much moist they can absorb). Let’s make the right choice:

  1. In the first days when the discharge is heavier, use pads whose package shows 4-5 drops and then gradually switch for the thin ones with fewer drops.
  2. Nighttime pads are wider and bulkier; they have the word «night» and 6 drops on the package. Use them while sleeping for a longer protection.
  3. Tampons are an excellent product that lets you go to a swimming pool or a sauna even on these days. However, use them only if you have no pathology of the uterine cervix or vagina. Don’t forget to change them regularly (every 4-5 hours).


Specifics of female hygiene

To maintain an excellent female health, pay attention to your lingerie in addition to the personal hygiene. Select the kind of underwear that is made of fabric with as many natural components as possible. It will absorb the moist well without irritating your skin and creating no conditions for the bacteria propagation.

Avoid wearing lingerie with tight parts on a daily basis, as these can mechanically damage delicate skin and mucous membranes of the private parts. The lingerie should always be of the right size.