How to ease the PMS symptoms?

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How to ease the PMS symptoms

Manifestations of PMS should be taken as a good sign. Why should they, if these unpleasant symptoms envenom your life? Yet, it turned out that this syndrome happens only in those girls and ladies whose menstrual cycle is normal, i.e. is accompanied by the ovum outcome. It means that she is fully healthy and can become a mother at any time. Still, to feel as easy and free during the monthlies as in other days, please note the following advices.

1Do not drink any coffee or alcohol 2–3 days before the menstruation

How to ease the PMS symptoms

This is what researchers of Oregon University say. They discovered that these drinks boost the emotional lability and other manifestations of PMS. If you just can’t imagine your life without coffee, choose the caffeine-free kind.

2Calm yourself down

How to ease the PMS symptoms

You may ask how to do it if your nerves are on edge? Try practicing yoga, meditations or auto training. The result will not be long in coming and soon you will be able to tell us in the comments how easy you now find overcoming your PMS.

3Take strolls outdoors

How to ease the PMS symptoms

Oxygen helps our cells to receive much energy. It is very important for all processes that take place in our body. If there is a lack of energy, various faults happen, including heavy PMS manifestations. Don’t make your body starve and go for a stroll. Or, if you are used to active recreation, run or ride a bicycle instead. This will be even healthier.

4Say no to over-salty and fatty food

Such products cause fluid retention which is perceived by physicians as one of the PMS development mechanisms.

5Eat bananas

How to ease the PMS symptoms

1–2 bananas a day will help easing the PMS symptoms. The reason is that they are rich in magnesium. The scientists proved that this microelement (or, rather, its deficiency) plays an important part in the PMS development. If magnesium is insufficient in the body, the speed and number of generation of the «happiness» hormones (endorphins, enkephalines and others) declines, affectability of the nervous system increases, etc.