5 ways to make life easier during the monthlies

health menstrual cycle recommendations

1 Eat correctly

5 ways to make life easier during the monthlies

It is good for your figure, simple and tasty. The most pleasant things are bitter chocolate and bananas.

During the monthlies, you also lose protein and iron, and these are quickly restored by liver (beef liver for preference) and chicken breast.

2 Prepare your skin for the breakings-out

It is better to take care of the beauty and health of your skin in advance. Wipe your face with lotions and toners (alcohol-free ones!), try not to apply a thick layer of makeup and make cleansing and soothing cosmetic masks. Visit a cosmetologist who will select suitable skincare products for you.


Develop a habit of taking constant care of your skin, and then during the monthlies, the changes will be minimal, if any.

Change your physical exercises


If normally you go to a gym, run every morning and dance in the evening, you will have to slow down a little. It doesn’t mean that you should lie down in a mummy position for 3-5 days, on the contrary! You can and should move: choose walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates or stretching exercises — anything you like.

Even if you don’t feel like getting off a couch, invent a valid reason for going for at least a half an hour walk. You feel better while moving.

4. Select the personal hygiene products

To let your skin breath and the moist get absorbed as quickly as possible, select hygienic pads with a mesh-like surface. To make sure the pad does not slip on the underwear, note the size of the «wings» and the adhesive base area: the larger they are the better.

Turn your attention to Ola! products. These are high-quality and affordable hygiene products. The range includes both tampons and hygienic pads, including the ultra-thin and extra-long types.

Take a pain killer

A pain killer will help against intense cramps. It can be a spasmolytic or an analgesic.

It is better to trust a doctor to select a medication for you. A specialist knows exactly what will help and, most importantly, not harm you.